12/29/15-Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Thursday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 30. December 2014 05:16

Holiday weight gain is the cruelest package we receive from the holiday season!

The average American gains between two and five pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years. I personally think that this is a conservative guesstimate. One glass of eggnog packs 350 calories and about 30 grams of fat. Not to mention the chocolate goodies, increase in alcohol consumption and social opportunities that crop up during this time period.

Come New Years, there is a sharp increase in gym memberships and people ordering pre-packaged meal products like Jenny Craig.

I believe it’s good that people are addressing weight concerns by altering their food plan and exercise regime, but you need to be patient that you may need some time to get the weight-gain back off, but it is SO important for your long-term health.

If you pack on additional pounds every year, but don't address the issue, or have a lack of patience for the process you can do damage to so many internal systems as you age.

-Develop a plan. Write it down and create reasonable benchmarks, and timeframes in reaching your goals.

-Set up a support system that works for your finances, time availability and outside factors that makes your goals achievable. If finances are tight try utilizing home watched workout DVD's or join a YMCA. Call your friends to walk outside or do stairs in your office building during part of your lunchtime (don't skip eating a healthy meal, or you will have an energy crash or a vending machine crisis mid-afternoon). Be realistic about your time availability. If that requires you get up 40 minutes early, then make it a priority.

-Keep a food journal to track miscellaneous calories wasted on pop, designer coffee, candy and chips. Make a commitment to your health and make some baby-step changes in your food intake.

- Don't beat yourself up if you don't hit the benchmarks as quickly as you feel you should. Unreasonable expectations are destructive.  Be a friend to yourself, not a critic.


Thursday 12/29/11 - Workout Diary:

Pure Barre class- 55 minutes

total body DVD- 45 minutes

 Thursday 12/29/11- Food Diary:


1 cup organic egg whites, 1 cup organic spinach, 3 asparagus ( 140 cal)

2 pieces low- cal, whole wheat toast, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter( 80 cal)

A.M. Snack-

apple ( 57 cal)

15 almonds, no-salt, roasted (130 cal)


3oz. mahi mahi (120 cal)

Salad- 8 oz assorted greens: organic spinach, brocolli slaw, mushrooms,  3 asparagus,  orange sweet pepper (88 cal)

P.M. Snack-

1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese (80 cal)

whey protein shake (150 cal)

Dinner- restaurant- approx. calorie counts

3 1/2 oz filet mignon- no sauce, no butter (394 cal) *FYI- If you are in a restaurant and you want no sauce, or condiment on it tell the server you want it DRY. PLAIN is the word you use to mean no condiment or pickle, tomato...

1/2 sweet potato-dry (121 cal)

asparagus(60 cal)

spinach salad, onion, light amount of Gorgonzola, balsamic vinaigrette ( 70 cal)

1 piece whole wheat baguette ( 120 cal)


8 oz 0 % Greek yogurt, Waldon Farm no-calorie/no-sugar strawberry syrup (130 cal)


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